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What is Rolling Mills?

Rolling mills was said to be one of the tools that a jewelers must have. It is a tool that is used to make a sheet or wire from a scrap of gold. It is being used to apply pressure … Continue reading

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Hot Rolling Mills

Our range of hot rolling mills are extensively used for shaping large pieces of metal, such as slabs or billets. These pieces of metal are heated above their recrystallization temperature and then deformed between rollers to form thinner cross sections. … Continue reading

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GAM Gear Introduces the 2010 Gear Reducer Catalog

The new 2010 GAM Gear catalog includes information on: a new line of low-cost high performance planetary gearboxes (PE-Series), a complete new range of bevel-gear reducers with or without an integrated motor mount (VC-Series and V-Series), a new hollow-shaft-low-cost-hypoid gearbox … Continue reading

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Metallurgy Performance

MHM Metallurgy Performance List Crusher performance 破碎机业绩 Mill performance 球磨机业绩 Mixer performance 混合机业绩 Sintering machine performance 烧结机业绩 Sintering pallet 烧结台车 Roller performance 辊道业绩 Air swept mill performance 风扫磨业绩

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Beneficiation Equipment

Beneficiation Production Line is consisted of : Ball Mill Metallurgy Rotary Kiln Roller presses Crusher Equipment Jaw Crusher Impact Crusher HPC Cone Crusher Cone Crusher

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