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Luoyang Moheman Heavy-duty Machinery Co., Ltd

Located in Luoyang city, Henan province,P.R. China. Provides with: 6.5m Vertical lathe, 8m Gear hobbing machine, 200mm Floor type borer,¢5m CNC lathe,75T crane.

Established in 2008.Has a group of excellent leaders and technicians with more than 20 years seniorities. And the technician guiders have more than 30-year’s experiences in this industry.Serving in kiln, mill, crusher, gear reducer, rolling mill and all kinds of non-standard gear, large casting, forging and metallurgy accessories.About MHMHD



MHMHD is a machining factory. But through its dominant position-Luoyang is the biggest important heavy-industry base in China.  It can provide clients from all over the world with heavy industrial components for the metals, power generation, shipbuilding, steelmaking, mining and many other industries.


Max casting is a 600tons.forging is a 200tons.


Currently, competition is heated up in productivity expansion of world machine industry. We have done our best to provide our clients with equipment and products with the highest quality and competitive edge.
With our accumulated abilities, we promise to go all out to proceed with COMPETITIVE PRICE, HI-QUALITY PRODUCTS, and TIMELY FINISHING AND PROMPT DELIVERY.


Sincerely Yours,

Ms. Zhangzhaoqing


  • Objective


Main objective of MHMHD

Our expert manager will provide excellent service for project of execution through high quality and strict delivery control. We will fulfill our responsibility for all project execution.


Competitive price

We have many cooperating manufacturers in Luoyang. We can absolutely provide with the competitive price.


Qualified Products

Choosing the proper manufacturer is very important to execute the project successfully.

We hope we can be the reliable manufacturer to new and old clients. We have the spirit of “innovation, integrity, cooperation,” the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication for the new and old customers to provide satisfactory products and good services