Larege castings and forgings: The Rolling Mills and forging rolls:

The company’s goal is: providing quality products and servings by based on being honest and intergrety, relying on tech-means. To make the company get further improved and grown stronger in the cutthroat  International market, and to widely unite telents and professionals worldwide for creating a promising future, we specially introduce our steel-rolling department to International friends as well as their rolling equipments and serving concepts. We respectedly invite you everyone from all around the world to visit our company for interviewing and communication with us.

  1. Rolling mills’ specifications:

φ650mm roughing mill sets, φ500mm roughing mill sets, φ450mm roughing mill sets, φ400mm roughing mill sets and rolling mill sets, φ320mm rolling mill sets, φ300mm rolling mill sets, φ280、φ250、φ220mm finishing mill sets.

(Each set includes electric motor, reducer, connecting machine, forging rolls etc. )

  1. The category of rolling products:

Ⅰ beam, angle iron, channel steel, steel round bar, deformed steel bar, steel strip, rail-used steel, Agricultural-used steel etc.

  1. Serving programs:
    1. We can provide wooden models, designing, manufacturing, installment, commissioning for our clients’ equipments, based on products’ introduction offered by our clients.
    2. Our company can assign any varied technicians and experts to give technically services at the field site until having produced quality products, based on our clients’ needs.
    3. According to our clients’ requirements, our company can also provide long-run technical servings, which mainly include the adjustment of the rolling mills, the development of new products, the maintain of the equipments, and developments etc.


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