heavy duty industry gear

φ10000mm bull gear
heavy duty bull gear

Since 2008, MHMHD has been a supplier in the manufacturer of girth gears, ring gears and sugar mill gears in single piece and multiple segment casting and forging, MHMHD employs state-of-the-art techniques for design, material selection and manufacturing processes to enhance performance, reliability and overall lifetime of gear. comprehensive expertise and vast experience enable us to engineer a complete solution for and kind of an open power transmission drive.

Mhmhd offers a complete supply package including gear casting, heating treatment such as volume hardening, case carburizing, quenching and other forms of heat treatment to sophisticated gear cutting and precision grinding.
Type of gears that can be manufactured by MHMHD include a vast variety of open gears suitable for various applications, broad categorization of the gears based on the tooth profile is as follow:

  • Spur gears

  • single Helical gears

  • Herringbone gears (Double helical gears)

  • Ground gears: We are involved in making of ground gears which have wide usage in different industries. these industrial ground gears are made using the impeccable raw materials; we offer the best ground gears from china.
  • Capacity: up to 10000mm diameter, up to 50 module
  • Spiral Bevel Gears:

    heavy duty herringbone gear
    heavy duty herringbone gear

Processing range:

  1. Spiral bevel gear milling, scraping hardened tooth: The largest diameter Φ2000mm, maximum modulus 45mm;
  2. Spiral bevel gear grinding teeth: The largest diameter Φ960mm, maximum modulus 22mm;
  3. Spiral bevel gear shaft Ferry Maximum: Φ400mm;

They are also used in High-speed Wire Rolling Mill, Rolling Mill, Marine, Cement Mil, and Large Mining Dump-truck



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