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MHMHD –a supplier of heavy-duty casting- forging steel, the Maximum capacity weight: casting is a 300ton.Gray cast iron is a 100ton; graphite cast iron is a 100ton, and forging weighs is 80 ton.




mobile crusher planetary reducer
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  1. Company profile:

Luoyang Moheman Heavy-duty Machinery Co., Ltd

Located in Luoyang city, Henan province,P.R. China. Provides with: 6.5m Vertical lathe, 8m Gear hobbing machine, 200mm Floor type borer,¢5m CNC lathe,75T crane.

Established in 2008.Has a group of excellent leaders and technicians with more than 20 years seniorities. And the technician guiders have more than 30-year’s experiences in this industry.Serving in kiln, mill, crusher, gear reducer, rolling mill and all kinds of non-standard gear, large casting, forging and metallurgy accessories.About MHMHD



MHMHD is a machining factory. But through its dominant position-Luoyang is the biggest important heavy-industry base in China.  It can provide clients from all over the world with heavy industrial components for the metals, power generation, shipbuilding, steelmaking, mining and many other industries.


Max casting is a 600tons.forging is a 200tons.


Currently, competition is heated up in productivity expansion of world machine industry. We have done our best to provide our clients with equipment and products with the highest quality and competitive edge.
With our accumulated abilities, we promise to go all out to proceed with COMPETITIVE PRICE, HI-QUALITY PRODUCTS, and TIMELY FINISHING AND PROMPT DELIVERY.


Sincerely Yours,

Ms. Zhangzhaoqing


  • Objective


Main objective of MHMHD

Our expert manager will provide excellent service for project of execution through high quality and strict delivery control. We will fulfill our responsibility for all project execution.


Competitive price

We have many cooperating manufacturers in Luoyang. We can absolutely provide with the competitive price.


Qualified Products

Choosing the proper manufacturer is very important to execute the project successfully.

We hope we can be the reliable manufacturer to new and old clients. We have the spirit of “innovation, integrity, cooperation,” the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication for the new and old customers to provide satisfactory products and good services


MHMHD offers an extensive line of heavy cast and forged steel components. Our fully equipped facilities, proprietary manufacturing technology, and world-class metallurgy department, along with skilled and experienced craftsmen, enable MHMHDF to produce and deliver products that meet the highest standards for performance, dependability, and quality.

400ton, beam for water press
400ton, beam for water press

二、 Cement plant
MHMHD individual components of Cement Plants as well complete mini cement plants. We also provide services from designing to erection and commissioning of cement plants. In addition to the above we also undertake projects of upgrading or modifying an installed unit in teams of capacity and technology or reinstalling the plant itself.

Our design and consulting team comprises of highly qualified individuals with many years of experience under their belt. The team is fully dedicated to achieve the best possible design suiting to the conditions where the plant is to be installed. Our drawings and designs are computer aided and proper analysis is carried out to assure best reliability and functioning.

Fabrication of complete Cement Plants done under one roof.
Cement Grinding Units : 50 TPD – 500 TPD
Vertical Shaft Kilns : 50 TPD – 200 TPD (Coupled up to 300TPD)
Rotary Shaft Kilns : 200 TPD – 500 TPD
Complete Cement Plant(Including Kilns) : 50 TPD – 1000 TPD
* These plants use clinker as raw material to produce Portland cement.

三、 Metallurgical Industry
We have been working on the development and service of Metallurgical Industry for a long time,and successfully supplied products to customers home and abroad,such as:
1. the equipment before iron making:for mining(shaft drilling machine.hoist),for mineral separating(large-sized crusher,large-sized bail mill),oxidized pellet kiln, HP roller mill,active lime turnkey project;
2. metallurgical equipment:for steel making(rotary furnace,mixer furnace).for continuous casting(billet caster.slab caster):
3. rolling equipment:for plate(medium-thickness plate roll,decoiler roll.Cold continuous roll.single-stand cold roll),for pipe(hot piercer.cold tube mill, cold-drawn tube mill),bar&wire roll,for finishing(leveler set,plate straightener,pipe & bar straightener,ect.)
4. Oxidized Pellet Kiln
Provide oxidized pellet kiln for 1.2—5million t/y production line.The kiln with overφ5m shared more than 80% Of the market.φ6.854 x 47.2m oxidized pellet kiln for Wugang Co.is the King in the world.
5. Bar Mill & Wire Mill
We can accept the turnkey project of 150,000-800,000t/y bar mill and wire mill and supply complete equipment. The turnkey project of 160.000t/y for AC Plant.Philippines in 1995 was highly appraised by the President of Philippines.
6. Plate Mill & Strip Mill
Provide various size medium-thickness Plate mill.strip roll and decoiler mill.etc.The decoiler mill for POSC0.Korea was successfully Produced by once trial-run.and well received by the customer.
7. High·speed Cold Reduction Mill
We have made more than 200 cold tube mills in LG family.Among them LG-90-GHL.LG-1 80-H.LG-220-H high-speed long traveling ring-pass cold tube mills are in the leading position in our country.
8. Tubing & Bar Straightener
φ20-φ680 Tubing&Bar straightener can be provided.The product occupies over 80%Of the market.JGL-680 6-roll Pipe straightener is the largest in the word.

四、 Industry Gear

Industry gear and reducer
Industry gear and reducer

With expertise, we supply girth gears that have high efficiency. The overall life of these gears depends upon proper lubrication and alignment. They are high quality, high precision component. The capital cost of girth gears is lower than others and they take less time to install. They are physically big and due to this they are unable to store for longer periods of time.

The girth gear is the heart of most mills and kiln drive system. They are also used in steel industry, sugar industry, paper and pulp industry. The girth gear has been preferred over the gearless drives due to their lower initial cost, simplicity to install, operate and maintain.
Helical Gears
The company manufactures durable and highly efficient Helical gears Upto 5000 mm OD 50 Module in Cast Iron & Steel (Single, Double & Multi Starts) for Cranes, Material Handling Equipment, For Cement plants, Sugar plants, Chemical plants and Mineral Processing Plants, Coal Handling Equipment, steel rolling Mills & petrochem sectors

Helical gears connect parallel shifts but the involutes teeth are cut at an angle to the axis of rotation. Two mating helical gears must have equal helix angle but opposite hand. They run smoother and more quietly. They have higher load capacity, are more expensive to manufacture and create axial thrust.Helical gears can be used to mesh two shafts that are not parallel and can also be used in a crossed gear mesh connecting two perpendicular shafts. They have longer and strong teeth. They can carry heavy load because of the greater surface contact with the teeth. The efficiency is also reduced because of longer surface contact. The gearing is quieter with less vibration

Spur Gears
The company manufactures durable and highly efficient spur gears Upto 5000 mm OD 50 Module in Cast Iron & Steel (Single, Double & Multi Starts) for Cranes, Material Handling Equipment, For Cement plants, Sugar plants, Chemical plants and Mineral Processing Plants, Coal Handling Equipment, steel rolling Mills & petrochem sectors

Arc gear, max diameter approx 2000mm
Arc gear, max diameter approx 2000mm

They connect parallel shafts, have involute teeth that are parallel to the shaft and can have internal or external teeth. They cause no external thrust between gears. They are inexpensive to manufacture. They give lower but satisfactory performance. They are used when shaft rotates in the same plane.The main features of spur gears are dedendum, addendum, flank, and fillet. Dedendum cylinder is a root from where teeth extend, it extends to the tip called the addendum circle. Flank or the face contacts the meshing gear, the most useful feature if the spur gears. The fillet in the root region is kinetically irrelevant.


(This capabilities is LUOYANG area)

  1. Capacity of SmeltingCasting

Luoyang is biggest the casting center in the world,possessing a 80t +50t electric arc furnace,150 LF ladle refining furnace and 150t VD/VOD refining furnace.Etc, We can pour 900t liquid steel one time of high quality liquid steel and can produce the high quality steel of more than 260 steel grades as carbon steel,structural alloy steel and the structural steel refractory steel and stainless steel of special requirement The maximum weight of casting is  a 600t.gray cast iron   is a  200t, graphite cast iron is a 150t and non—ferrous casting is 20t.


  1. Forging capacity


Luoyang is biggest the forging center in the world, it is very powerful in


forging. The single free forging piece is 400t (max weight). We can roll rings of different sections of carbon steel; alloy steel, high temperature alloy and non-ferrous alloys such as copper alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. The maximum diameter is 5.5m and the single piece of the forging weighs is 100t. We have 18500t, 8400t、3150t、1600t water press and RAW 200/1605000/750 ring mill of high precision .



  1. Heat Treatment capacity

Luoyang  is the heat treatment base ,possessing φ5X2.5m, φ3X1.6m, φ1.7X7m carburizing furnace, φ2.3X9.5m shaft furnace, 8.5X13m、5X15m、6X14.5m、4.5X18m Automatic Controlled Car type Heat Treatment Furnace Group. We can supply the quenched and tempered part over 45t, the carburized quenched gear and pinion below 20t, shaft≤5.7m in length and the induced girth ring with diameter≤5m.


  1. Machining capacity

The company has various large and precision machining equipment such as:6.5×18m CNC Movable Planner Boring&Milling Machine,φ)260m CNC floor—mounted Boring&Milling Machine,φ16m CNC Double—column Vertical Lathe,φ12m Vertical Lathe,(φ6.2m CNC vertical machine center,6 x18m heavy horizontal lathe, We can produce:Rotary Part:300tin weight and 16m in diameter for one piece Shell Part:200t in weigh and 6min diameter 18m in length for one Piece Shaft Part:100t in weight. 3.2m in diameter and 12m in length for one piece • Rectangular part:6.5x5x18m,250t in weight for one piece.




Luoyang Moheman Heavy-duty Machinery Co.Ltd locates at Luoyang city, Henan province, China, established in 2008, we are a professional manufacturer who mainly manufacture kiln, mill, crusher, gear reducer, rolling mill and all kinds of non-standard gear, large casting and forging and metallurgy accessories, which are broadly used in steel, mining, metallurgy , electricity and many other fields.

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