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MHMHD is  a machining factory.Technical excellence in our core competencies-melting,casting,forging,heat-treatment and machining, and also  through its dominant position-LUOYANG is the biggest important heavy industry base in china. please allow us to provide ,organize and monitor superior product  and meet the most demanding requirement of our clients from all factories here,

Currently, competition is heated up in productivity expansion of world machine industry. We have done our best and have endeavored, so that we can provide each company and the equipment maker with the highest equipment and products with the competitive edge. We promise to do our very best by realizing our accumulated abilities until now, in order to be able to secure competitiveness both in customers and makers, by collectively proceeding high quality, COMPETITIVE PRICE, prompt DELIVERY in the work of production, transportation, and delivery.

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Main objective of MHMHD
Our expert manager will provide excellent service from project of execution through high quality and strict delivery control. Also we are making our brisk away into the world market. We will fulfill our responsibility for all project execution.

Competitive price
We have many kind of manufacturer in luoyang. You can choose the makers offering the competitive price. Our expert manager will negotiate skillfully on behalf of customers.

Qualified Products
Makers choice is very important to execute the project successful. So we arrange good makers choice, technical supervising, strict inspection, we can make the best use of talent persons who has long term experience in plant.

Correct Delivery
If you want delivery to appointed place, we can deliver to door to door system. Because of that we have a lot of transportation network at around world.

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