MHMHD Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

  • ISO Certificates
  • Leadership & Management
  • Standards & Procedures

Our Vision
MHMHD’s vision is to strive to achieve the following within our area of operation or wherever we have influence.
No accidents.
No harm to people.
No harm to the environment.

Our Mission
MHMHD’s mission is to become acknowledged as an outstanding performer in Quality services & to be regional symbol of excellence in providing the best HSE performance.

Our Goal
Our goal is that of Continual Improvement in QHSE performance.

Our Strategy
We will implement the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Policy by means of:

  • Meeting the expectations within our QHSE Management System.
  • Allocating clear individual responsibilities.
  • Setting performance challenges and Objectives.
  • Internal Audit and Inspection performance.

QHSE Policy

Our principal objective is to provide customers with quality products and professional services that:

  • Fully satisfy their needs
  • Are delivered on time and within budget
  • Represent value for money, and
  • Through exceptional personal service, meeting or exceeding their expectations

We achieve this through a structured continuous improvement program that ensures the quality of our products and services, helps reduce costs and develop staff skills.

MHMHD maintains a quality system that meets the requirements of quality systems standard ISO-9001 / 2000.

Constant review and audit of this system ensures its applicability and use throughout the organizations.

Management team is committed to the principles of continuous improvement and to the successful implementation of the quality system.

All employees are committed to the quality system and are aware of its benefits to customer satisfaction, internal processes and the goals and objectives of MHMHD

MHM Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Philosophy is to manage all work activities using a strategic HSE process founded on management commitment, personal accountability, internationally recognized standards, appropriate levels of training, and a system of HSE performance measurement.

  • MHMHD Managers support this in belief that all of us can prevent injuries, pollution of the environment and damage or loss to property or equipment. To achieve this, MHMHD Managers shall:
  • Build and maintain a positive HSE focused culture throughout our organization.
  • Ensure that all of our people are responsible for meeting our HSE standards and will be held accountable for their individual performance, and the performance of those working under their supervision.
  • Treat the HSE aspects of any work activity with equal value to commercial, production, and quality aspects.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the country of operation
  • Support the identification of hazards and risks assessment in work activities.
  • Encourage the reporting of unsafe acts and conditions and the actions to improve HSE performance.
  • Do their best to minimize the environmental impact of our activities by preventing pollution and minimizing waste.
  • Provide adequate resources and training to ensure work is carried out safely and professionally.
  • Investigate all events where injuries, damage to property or the environment has occurred including all near miss incidents where there was high potential to cause injury or damage.

Ensure that actions are taken to correct and prevent similar events being repeated and those conclusions and recommendations are communicated in a timely manner
All people working within MHMHD have an obligation to follow these principles fully. By doing so, we create a working culture that continuously strives to improve HSE performance and a working environment where harm is reduced to a level which is As Low As Reasonably Practicable.

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