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After load trial run, begin to normally running. When operating, should pay
attention to the following matters:

  1. Before starting the mill,should start sand screw and other accessory machines in next sequence of crushing line; before stopping the mill,should stop feeder etc. first.
  2. When the mill stop by accidents, and down time is longer, internal material in the mill may be solidified or sticking, so the mill must be driven by low-speed barring gear so that the solidified material can be loosen.
  3. The mill isn’t allowed running without material or inadequate material. Also can’t remove all material in the mill before stopping. When mill is filled new medium (steel ball).Must feed some material in proportion. So as to avoid breaking liner and medium.
  4. Mill doesn’t allow over-load working, supply mental medium and material should balance with consumable medium or product.
  5. In any conditions, lube of main bearing doesn’t allowed interruption, often check the oil supply of system, so as to avoid lube overflow.
  6. Check regularly sealing condition of main bearing and count assembly; add and change oil in time.
  7. Using of jetting oil device:
  • Check weather have enough lube oil (N680) in the stock bucket.
  • Oil value and pressure are adjusted respectively by bolt and air valve. Airpressure should be 0.45-0.6Mpa.
  • Lube system jets oil in every 8 hours. Oil value can be confirmed by oil film and lube condition. (generally about 1.5Kg)
  • Clean lube system regularly in order to be jammed.
    1. In order to make gear work in clean condition, sweep the gear and check the

sealing condition of gear house regularly.

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