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ball mill can be widely used in cement、electric power、metallury、chemical engineering、non-metallic minerals ,etc.

The cause about ball mill’s low investment costs is specificly as follows:

Firstly, as you already know ,the ball mill is a set of crushing、drying、grinding and grading conveyor together, so the entire system of the vertical mill is very simple and the layout is compact enough.

Secondly,compared with vertical mill, the area on the ground of ball mill is about its 50 percentand you don’t need something to cover the mining machine. It’s unnecessary to put the grinder mill in a room. Here you can see that the ball mill cost is much lower than vertical mill which will significantly reduce our investment.

Apart from above factors, ball mill can also bring two apparent superiorities .

The first is high grinding efficiency. When ball mill runs, the roller directly mills on the ring. While traditional mining machine still adopts some coarse working principle ,the ball mill can save engery about 30-40%.

What’s more,the roller is a certain distance away from the millstone in the running ,and some high-quality materials have been used to make the roller and plate. All these ensure less wear and longer life for our mining machine.

Another point is that during the running of ball mill, hot air will be direct in touch with material when we can get different humidity materials just by changing the temperature of hot air. There is no doubt that we will save a great amount of engery.

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