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Capacity of Smelting﹠Casting

The company is the casting&forging center in central—south China, possessing 50t electric arc furnace, 60t LF ladle refining furnace and 60t VD/VOD refining furnace. etc We can pour 350t liquid steel one time and yields more than 200 000t of high quality liquid steel and can produce the high quality steel of more than 260 steel grades as carbon steel,structural alloy steel and the structural steel refractory steel and stainless steel of special requirement The maximum weight of casting.gray casing graphite cast iron and non—ferrous casting is 500t, 100t, 80t and 25t separ-ately.

we deliver complete customer satisfaction on even the most demanding projects. We can handle low quantity “jobshop” requirements as well as high production volumes.

At MHM, we are committed to producing the highest quality steel castings at the most economical price. For experienced leadership and time proven performance, discover the MHM Advantage! Please contact us today to find out more( Many companies use us! Why not you?click it).

Our centrally located manufacturing facility in central—south China, produces a wide range of steel casting shapes and sizes from 1 to 200+ tons . With a monthly production capacity of over 1 600 tons,

You can also reach us by phone/mail at the following numbers:
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