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I have been discussing the technologies for oil well drilling and coal mining for quite some time, and am thinking that with that review available and just about complete, it might be time to switch the focus of these Sunday information topics. While I could give a more detailed discussion of the different topics that I have covered in the past, I suspect that this would be of decreasing interest to most and so I thought to change the subject matter. What I am planning on doing is to shift focus, and start to write about the different countries that have oil reserves (or had) and what we know about them.

The idea, in much the same way as with the technical talks, will be to provide an informative set of background notes, so that, for example, if the topic of the Yamal gas fields comes up, you would know a little about where they are (a peninsula in Russia), and how much gas (maybe 30 trillion cubic meters) is there, as well as how soon they will be developed (not this year).

That is the plan for the future, but before moving there, I would like to revisit coal mining to wrap up the discussion with a small number of posts about surface mining. The first use of coal came from finding outcrops where the coal could easily be picked out of the seam, or where, in the North of England, the sea would do the mining and wash the coal up on the beach, where it could be collected.


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