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Our range of hot rolling mills are extensively used for shaping large pieces of metal, such as slabs or billets. These pieces of metal are heated above their recrystallization temperature and then deformed between rollers to form thinner cross sections. The hot rolling produces thinner cross sections than cold rolling processes with the same number of stages. Hot rolling will reduce the average grain size of a metal, while maintaining an equipped micro structure.

As any Company or Individual takes on the idea of entering into the field of installing and running a HOT ROLLING MILL, the first thing they would do is take a market survey of companies who are in the business of MANUFACTURING THE MACHINERY FOR HOT ROLLING MILL, SUPPLYING/SHIPPING THE MACHINERY FOR HOT ROLLING MILL & INSTALLING AND ERECTING THE MACHINERY WHICH IS SHIPPED AND LASTLY BUT NOT THE LEAST IS TAKE TRIAL OR START UP OF THE MACHINERY WHICH IS INSTALLED.

Now, this process, in commercial terms is known as Turn Key project. For e.g. If a foreign company wants to install a hot rolling mill, they would search for the companies who would manufacture/supply/install all the machinery and give them a trial production start-up. Now, not necessarily the turn key project company will be based in the same country, and hence, they have to depend upon foreign turn key project handlers for this project.

Usually, the machinery involved for say a Automatic Hot Rolling Mill (capacity 60,000 mts per year) are as below:


Base plate for motor

High speed fly wheel

Reduction gear box [double stage]

pinion stand

C.I base plate for mill stand and pinion stand

Fabricated base plate for gear box

3Hi 410 mm cast steel mill stand

foundation bolts



Fibre bearing for Roughing mill

Roller bearing for Intermediate mill

Roller bearing for Finishing mill


furnace exit roller table

billet transfer

mill working roller table

roller table[lifting]

bar transfer stand 1 to stand 2

Furnace charging roller table 10 m long

Billet charging Grate

Fixed entrance roller table

Skew roller table



Rolls for roughing mill

Rolls for intermediate mill

Rolls for finishing mill

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