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(mechanical engineering) A machine for the removal of metal by feeding a workpiece through the periphery of a rotating circular cutter. Also known as miller.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: milling machine

Machine tool that rotates a circular tool with numerous cutting edges arranged symmetrically about its axis, called a milling cutter. The metal workpiece is usually held in a vise clamped to a table that can move in three perpendicular directions. Cutters of many shapes and sizes are available for a wide variety of milling operations. Milling machines cut flat surfaces, grooves, shoulders, inclined surfaces, dovetails, and T-slots. Various form-tooth cutters are used for cutting concave forms and convex grooves, for rounding corners, and for cutting gear teeth.

Architecture:milling machine

A machine consisting of a rotating mandrel carrying a milling cutter, and a movable table, operated by a feed screw, to which is bolted the object to be milled.

Wikipedia:Milling machine

A milling machine (also see synonyms below) is a machine tool used to machine solid materials. Milling machines are often classed in two basic forms, horizontal and vertical, which refers to the orientation of the main spindle. Both types range in size from small, bench-mounted devices to room-sized machines. Unlike a drill press, which holds the workpiece stationary as the drill moves axially to penetrate the material, milling machines also move the workpiece radially against the rotating milling cutter, which cuts on its sides as well as its tip. Workpiece and cutter movement are precisely controlled to less than 0.001 in (0.025 mm), usually by means of precision ground slides and leadscrews or analogous technology. Milling machines may be manually operated, mechanically automated, or digitally automated via computer numerical control (CNC).

Milling machines can perform a vast number of operations, from simple (e.g., slot and keyway cutting, planing, drilling) to complex (e.g., contouring, diesinking). Cutting fluid is often pumped to the cutting site to cool and lubricate the cut and to wash away the resulting swarf.

Milling Machine Q&A

What are the defect of milling appliance (metal milling machine)?
It depends what you plan to make with it. A milling electrical device is less than ideal for making round parts, for example – these are better made on a lathe. There are adjectives kinds of limitations dependent on the machine itself too. size of parts, speed of chuck, tool…

How to obtain out melt contained by sugar from Food Mill (grinder machine)?
I had the bright idea to trade name powdered sugar using a food mill, the heat solidified the sugar in the actual grinder piece, which I cannot open up or access. Any inventive tips or ideas? If this is a place where on earth the grinder can…

What are the differences between mill, factory and plant? And between mill and electrical device?
between wire rod mill and wire rod plant, between flex rod mill and wire rod machine. All handle similar activities. But are different surrounded by the way it is handled. Totally, adjectives of them are engaged in industrial happenings. Look in a apposite dictionary. I…

How to operate a milling apparatus?
It’s like operating an Etch-a-Sketch, but in three dimensions, and next to more opportunities to injure yourself. Plus, you get bits of hot metal thrown at you. I enjoy to assume that you are referring to a milling machine in a piece of equipment shop, if that is the case some one will show…

What are the disadvantages and advantages of the following:milling ,turning,grinding and drilling machines ?
on manufacturing processes.(techniques) No direct comparison, since they are all designed to do different things.

How to stop getting cramp surrounded by calf when running on tread mill (other than stop going on the contrivance!!)? Thanx?
Have lately been getting real impossible cramp when running and then cant run or use exercise equipment for quite a while. Any reason why this shold start happening? Eat Bananas before you go on and stretch for 5 to…

What are the limitations to the contraption design of a milling apparatus?
this is for my engineering work, even my teacher can’t find any of the information on the internet. please help me answer this. The problem really is what type of milling contrivance you are interested in, the main makeshift types are Horz. Mill, End Mill, universal mill. In…

How to turn digital calipers into digital read outs on a micro milling gadget.?
I have recently purchased a micro milling piece of equipment. It does not come with Digital readouts. I am wondering if anyone out there can illustrate to me how to turn three calipers into an X, Y, and Z digital readout. I would buy a DRO…

What does “power down feed” suggest for a instruction manual milling contrivance?
It means that the lowering of the tool into the work, or raising the work and table into the tool, is assisted or completely operate by a motor.

I am brand new to a Cincinnati macron milling contraption and want to identify the Sybil’s on the controls?
on a okuma machine the symbols are named eg slb single block but not on the cinncinati Maybe you should read the mitt book. Or ask your employer.

What does CNC be a sign of , resembling a cnc milling appliance?
Computer Numerically Controlled … I have several Lathes and mills and am looking for work. Feel free to e-mail me with any ? slimer11(a)prodigy.lattice cnc u take a sheet of steel it punches out holes and the shape of the steel then they bend the quantity into…

What should we share the clients to conservation the MTM mill machines during they are using them?
(1).In order to ensure normal operation of the equipment ,a almanac containing strict rules and procedures for its operation, maintenance should be well prepared and followed .Tools ,replacement parts for maintain ,repairing and lubricating oil and grease must be available for immediate use….

Whats a milling mechanism is used for?
Could any 1 tell me what a milling machine is used for. For example roughing. Thanks. In engineering it’s a tool which has a vice to clamp the metal which is to be milled and a cutter which rotates and cuts the metal to size. The cutter could be anything from a small…

Whats are the benifites of milling tool?
Machines have to have parts, that’s a given. As machines obtain more and more complex so do the parts that make them up. Since a lot of machinery requires metal parts, here are effectively two options to make complex parts: cast and machining. Unless the number of parts is extremely high, casting can…

Information on Menards 30 drilling and milling Machine?
Need to know where to get parts and information roughly speaking this machine–the company has went out of business. I tried to rach Menards they could not lend a hand. I would get a hold of some well established device shops for advice, if anyone would know it would be them. Good…

Information on Turning, Milling and Grinding machines?
Hi does anyone know where I can can get detailed information on Turning, Milling and Grinding machines and within applications? Hi, I’am Sourav Banerjee – A Man with a Mission. A mission to Make Things Easier for you! Take This – You simply register here on this website, and post or upload any…

Is at hand any contrivance to verbs coolant solution contained by a tube mill short effecting on the juice characteristic?
There are some pollution in the tube mill when coolant liquid circulating surrounded by the system ,after a period of time this pollution effected on the juice and gradually the fat is seperated from the juice and the percentage comes…

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