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Mining industry entities

Some of the major entities involved in mining industry are employment, machinery, business and safety of the workers.

Employment: With respect to employment, there are a huge number of persons who are directly or indirectly engaged with mining industry. The persons involved directly with this mining industry are workers who are engaged in activities like digging, extracting etc. The other directly involved workers are engineers, lab technicians, geologists, environmental specialists etc. and the personnel who are indirectly linked with this mining industry are accountants, lawyers, sales representatives, personal relation officers etc.

Machinery: Mining industry is intemperately dependent on heavy machines, which are needed to break or remove rocks, drilling, for carrying out explosions, digging, etc. Beside all these, for conveyance purpose, specially designed wagon is used which runs on tracks in a mine to transport mineworkers, minerals and wastes.

Safety: One of the most important events of mining industry is the safety issue, because poor ventilation, some poisonous gases and toxicants can severely harm miners health. These can also cause trauma or even death to the miners. The common ailments are silicosis, pneumonia, lung diseases etc. The condition is comparatively safer now, because of the advantages of modern technologies. The other danger of this mining industry is the presence of methane gas, which can cause explosion inside the mines.
Business: Mining industry business is basically concerned with the trading of mines.

Mining industry deals with the process or business regarding extraction of ore or minerals from mines. The act of extracting is normally done by the government authority, individual entrepreneurs or may be by small business owners. Government agencies, multinational companies or any public sector company generally take the responsibility of extracting mines as the entire process of extraction require a large amount of capital.

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