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I’ve finally gotten my project on the road and the NP203 gear reduction is popping out of gear.

Specifically, when I let off the gas and slow down, it pops out of gear. Under power, it stays in gear.

I’ve shimmed the hell out of the spring(above #9 in picture) holding the shifter and it hasn’t helped.

So, before I start tearing into the drivetrain again, I had a few questions:
1) Does the shift collar (#7 in picture) have an orientation to it? I don’t recall it being different.
2) What is the orientation to shift bracket #8? I know it wasn’t symmetrical.

Is it worth grinding shift detent #9 so the holds are deeper?

The input gear looked good when it was installed. The mainshaft was a new unit from Advanced Adapter(NP203 to Land Cruiser adapter) The gear on the mainshaft looked good also.

Is the body possibly flexing/moving and contacting the shifter knocking it out of gear? i have seen this before on other vehicles with body mount problems. you might also try unhooking your shifter from the bracket on the side of the range box and try it again.

It is cable shifted and I have the cable disconnected. Nothing is close to the shift bracket. So this is purely a torque issue causing it to pop out.

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