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Optimization Of Grinding Machine Grinding To Extend The Life Of The Way

Grinding is used for pulp and paper industry in the fiber cut, the refiner separating the “heart” consumable parts. Grinding of the use of life on the refining process yields, energy consumption, safe operation and grinding machines play a decisive role in various economic indicators. How appropriate for the specific production grinding to achieve optimal results, this area has been the focus of research and development. Refining the process of how to extend the life of the process grinding methods and measures to be discussed.

1. Grinding wear on the production of

Pulp slurry occurs during poor quality and productivity decline, perhaps because of grinding wear and tear reasons. Select the best time is to replace the production of important technical issues.

In Yunnan Province Paper mill 75t / d of mechanical pulp production line system of Eucalyptus APMP pulp with a second disc mill (KavernerHymac production) of grinding damage, made into a pulp beating degree is only 20 ° SR, pressure screen good pulp fiber

bundle content of 2%, papermaking of LWC base paper surface strength is slightly lower.

Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai paper making machinery plant the original 2362 machine in operation in 1992, can only produce about mid-range permeability 30coresta Cigarette Paper . Purchased the plant poplar, oak, birch, wood and other forging and grinding of various types, beating equipment easy to wear, and tooth grinding and material instability, into a pulp production of high quality cigarette paper can not.

Tracing paper of the “white point” is a small fiber, resin blocks or a combination, and sometimes the whole site there, especially conspicuous. Freeman Specialty Paper Inc. found that: site takes too long to use mill grinding, the feed volume increased, knife spacing, weakened the role of sub-wire broom, cut off the greater role of the small fibers increased, should be changed regularly grinding.

Qiqihar Paper Co., Ltd. introduced ANDR IT Z’s 200t / d total production of low aspen APMP line quantitative offset newsprint practice shows that such place of poplar birch, poplar fiber morphology as the control process is more important beating; the grinding life of about 2500h; grinding using the time The longer the lower the beating, tooth surface passivation on the weakening pulp cut off, thus resulting in reduced pulp beating degree; role in the process when grinding high acceleration, grinding teeth wear serious, not to mention beating up and the degree of plasma material can smoothly through the grinding, resulting in feed screw plug.

Qiqihar Paper Co., Ltd. single-turn pressure plate mill MRSD58/62 (AndritzSprautBauer Company production) and grinding with two grinding zone: a broken ring for the area, the grinding of the broken loop region from 6 tooth slices, material 174PH, dental dam thick, larger distance between teeth; one for fine grinding ring area formed by the 18-tooth chip, made of alloy 440, the tooth dam moderate, middle distance is small; wheel grinding and setting disc grinding gap between the 0.9 ~ 1.1mm. Among them, into a grinding mill of the concentration of control in 28% and 35% Best; into Erduan disc refiner’s beating degree of about 17 ° SR, the concentration of control in 22% to 25% of the best; with the use of time extension into the slurry in order to ensure the quality, plate mill beating the concentration must be reduced. Broken areas or teeth grinding teeth are damaged and ditch blocking, grinding wear serious, if the 30% decline in refining capacity, must be replaced grinding.

2. To improve the service life of grinding technology methods and measures

2.1 improve the refiner’s production level of precision and control

Heilongjiang Star Paper Co., Ltd. 450 double-disc grinding, due to years of long, quiet drive chassis built office and mobile seat installed fixed disk Department corrosion, wear a difference of 3 ~ 4mm, 410 direct export to Taiwan office wear bigger 420 around the screw fixed grinding wear and corrosion resistance and the emergence of larger-type speakers, resulting in grinding can not be a good fit with the body. Will move within the plane seat and chassis corrosion surface car to about 3 ~ 4mm, then cars straight exit station; screw holes drilled to the depth of processing, into M14, plus pad, and pad with bolt seal fastening, use the same effect was replaced with new parts, spare parts save money.

Grinding of the structure, tooth type, tooth surface slope and angle, and the safe operation of equipment and as a direct impact on pulp quality. Slurry with a fine-tooth lower beating strength; a fine-tooth into the pulp fiber to increase the uniformity of treatment to maintain the fiber length to fiber cell wall faster hydration to promote better integration of fiber. Beating the high increase in the intensity of the fiber cut, easy to produce more small fibers; in the same tensile index, the fine-tooth into the pulp has a high opacity, bulk and air permeability; on broad-leaved Wood pulp Fine-tooth grinding can save energy beating, but also reflects its high permeability and opacity, but also take into account the strength of the fiber. Fine tooth grinding at the mill for wood pulp fiber and non-wood fiber pulping; fine tooth grinding casting method is not used, but with a special welding method; life of ordinary cast iron 3 to 4 times. Grinding designed to a certain pitch, to avoid a sudden increase in mechanical energy and the local wear of tooth surfaces. Gradient selection is too small, the resistance increases feeding, increased load caused by feeding; if a larger gradient will cause uneven wear, impact grinding life.

Town in Jiangsu Province and Jilin Paper Co., Ltd. Jiang Dadong integrity Industrial Development Co., Ltd. spun plasma low-intensity beating of a fine-tooth grinding, more than a year after an application of that low-intensity beating knife to use the improved bar, width 2.47mm, knife groove width 2.47mm, knife Goushen 6mm. The grinding material is still used Nitinol alloy, cultural paper in a papermaking pulp staple line of low intensity, not to adjust operating conditions, very few fibers cut, silk broomed better; tons of pulp on average from the 173 ~ 168kWh energy consumption down to 158 ~ 146kWh; Paper Breaking length to upgrade from the 5632m to 6546m, folding to 48 times from 26 times.

Italian poplar production line used AndritzSprortBauer APMP’s plate mill grinding broken area high concentration gradient is about 1:11 more appropriate, feed load more stable; coarse grinding zone when the power gradient 1:250 stability, feeding spiral smooth operation, high into the pulp beating, wet weight in a better level of grinding longer life expectancy, the vertical rack to maintain uniform wear, energy distribution of balance; grinding zone gradient generally 1:800 appropriate.

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