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A rolling mill is a very simply process that is not only very effective in manufacturing, but it is extremely popular. It is also commonly referred to as a reduction mill or sometimes just a mill. Regardless of its title, there is an almost endless amount of items that can be created using this process.
The concept behind it is so simple: you run a material between a set of rollers, usually two and sometimes more, until you form what you want as a finished product. Of course, there are different variables that come into play, but the main focus is to manipulate the material to a desired thickness and diameter.
In order to have an efficient rolling mill there are essential elements that have to be present and in continuous operation. The key is to maintain a constant pressure when inserting the material and to have an even pressure on the rollers.
By varying the speed that the material enters you can also change its shape. Using cooled or heated materials also affects the end result. Whether you are using a hot or cold application the main concern is recrystallization. This occurs when the grains of a metal break down and reform to change the consistency, or grade, of the metal. One application uses this process to its advantage while another works to ensure it does not occur since it causes weakening.
If the exiting material is of considerable length or weight, there is a need for backup rollers to relieve the stress caused by gravity against the material when it is not being supported. This safety feature eliminates the possibility of compromising the product and affecting its durability.


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