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Improper operation of the coal mill may cause the explosion of the machine. What is the proper method to operate coal mill to avoid the disaster?

1. change the piling method of the coal to make the coal accumulate little ; thus avoid the spontaneous combustion of the coal .
2. change the gap of the grate bar from 25mm to 22mm; thus decrease the wind speed and increase the drying speed .
3. add a settling chamber between the coal mill and the pipe; thus prevent the hot coal powder enter the coal mill .
4. add a explosion-proof valve at the opening .
5. increase the fineness of the coal from 10% to 15% .
6. make up strict safety rules .

If the coal mill stops for 3 days, empty the coal hopper or put a layer of raw meat powder on the surface to isolate the coal from the oxygen before stopping the coal mill, close the hot wind valve and open the close wind valve and then stop the feeding. remember to empty the coal in the coal mill before stopping the machine and not to stop the collector immediately .

Check the following things when operating the coal mill: the airing is ok; there is no overfeeding or underfeeding; the temperature is not too high; the order of starting and stopping the coal mill is right; the temperature of the air from the coal mill is higher the dew point.

Make an emergency plan; when an explosion happens, close the hot wind valve and the pneumatic valve, prevent the hot coal powder enter the collector and if the temperature is over 80 degree centigrade, start the carbon dioxide extinguisher.

We should pay attention to avoid safety problem in operating the coal mill. as long as we obey the safety rules, the safety problems surely can be avoided.

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