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From a broader historical perspective, three years ago to start share reform, is likely to be truly market-oriented domestic capital allocation system, a new starting point.

And as “the first stock split share structure reform,” in Sany Heavy Industry Destined to and inseparable from the new starting point.

From the capital and skills into the double-intensive construction machinery industry over 20 years, just came from the grass roots of Sany Heavy Industry has maintained a remarkable growth rate. Despite competitors are Caterpillar, Komatsu machinery such world giants, they strive to fight in Sany Heavy Industry in a few years later, in the domestic market share has rapidly pulling away from them. At the same time is even more surprising is that the field of SANY heavy equipment in the R & D and product quality on the series of major breakthroughs. All of these are in addition to the entrepreneur’s openness to external capital, its sound financial system also made a great contribution.

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