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This machine is categorized into two parts: hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill.

If the temperature of the metal is below than its recrystallization temperature then it is termed as cool rolling process. If the temperature of the metal is above than its recrystallization temperature then it is termed as hot rolling process. Cold steel rolling mill machinery can be used for all types of heavy mechanical engineering equipments. In hot rolling mill, a large piece of metal is heated above their temperature and then deformed between rollers.

Rolling process is one of different types which include flat rolling, foil rolling, ring rolling, roll bending, roll forming, and profile rolling, etc. Flat rolling is a process in which a material having a rectangular cross section is fed between the rollers which results in metal sheets. Float rolling process is used for producing foils. In this process, rolling is done by cluster mill because small thickness requires a small diameter rolls. Ring rolling process is a special type of process that increases the diameter of the ring. Roll bending process produces cylindrical shaped products. Roll forming process is used for producing mechanical parts with long length or heavy quantity.

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