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The ball mill common cause of the malfunction and its elimination method are shown in the following table

Failure to eliminate the reasons for the phenomenon method
Main bearing melting, the bearings smoking or electrical overload power outages
1. Journal of lubricants supply interruption;
1. Cleaning and replacement of bearings lubricants

2. Falling into the sand in the bearings;
2. Bearings and repaired or re-casting Journal

Starting at the ball mill, the electrical overload or prior to the commencement could not be activated no later start-disc mill

Hydraulic too high or too low
1. Tubing plug, fuel shortage; hydraulicor eliminate the reasons for the lower
2. Non-oil viscosity, the dirt, filter plug

Electrical power supply instability or excessive
1. Spoon the first activities of the ore loose; tight on the first or spoon to the mine, improved lubrication conditions, the replacement liner, adjusting operation, replacement or repair gear, ruled out electrical fault
2. Debris back to eating sand

3. Hollow shaft lubrication bad

4. Pai ore concentration

5. Around the cylinder liner weight imbalance, or uneven Mount Loss

6. Excessive wear gear

7. The electrical fault on the circuit

Bearing fever
1. The volume of ore or more or less; oily failed to stop fouling mine, to identify reasons for the replacement of oil pollution, cleaning bearings, check lubricants ring.

2. Bearing Installation tendencies or loading debris

3. Circuit illogical, lubricants Central does not work

Ball mill vibration
1. Gear meshing well, or wear a substantial adjustment tooth gap and tighten loose screws, repaired or replaced Bearing

2. Bearing pin or screw in screws loosening

3. Large gear connected off screws or loose screws

4. Bearing Wear a very Drive

Suddenly a strong vibration and impact of the acoustic
1. Mix-iron gears meshing space debris to eliminate impurities, tighten the screw, repaired or replaced Bearing
2. Fixed gear shaft small string;
3. Gear bash
4. Bearing or fixed on the basis of screws loose in
Cover connection with the cylinder, screw liner missed the pulp
1. Loose screw connection, the positioning pin-tightening or replacing screws and tighten the positioning pin, and sealing gaskets.
2. Lining screws loose, ring wear, bolts interrupt


Indeed ball mill for the operation and enhance the safety of its equipment intact rate, extend the life span of machinery, must be planned overhaul. Repair work is divided into three types:

Minor repairs: a monthly, including temporary accident repairs, mainly for small, minor. Grindability focused on the replacement parts, such as ball mill liner, the first to mine-spoon, adjusting bearings and gears meshing situation. Throughout the repair of Repair: General takes place once a year, the various components of the equipment for the clean-up and adjustment of larger, easy replacement of a large number of mill components.

Overhaul: In addition to the completion of medium and small repair tasks, focus on the repair and replacement of major components, such as the hollow shaft, the gear, etc.. Overhaul time interval is determined by the extent of the damage these components.

Fragile milling mill parts and the average life span as a minimum reserve of Table 9-3.

Vulnerable parts of the name Life (months) in each machine at least spare capacity
Cylinder Liner Manganese Steel 6-8 2 sets
Cover liner ibid. 8 ~ 10 2 sets
Journal of carbon steel liner or white iron 12 ~ 18 1 kit
Lattice board liner manganese steel or chrome steel 6 ~ 18 2 sets
Mine-to-carbon steel spoon or white iron 8 2 sets
The ore-body shell ibid. 24 1 kit
Main bearing bush bearing alloy 24 1 kit
Drive bearing bush bearing alloy 18 2 sets
Small gear 40Cr 6 ~ 12 2 sets
Gear carbon steel 36 to 48 1 set
Lining screw steel 6-8 semi-sets

How to correct maintenance and repair ball mill

Maintenance and repair of the ball mill is a regular work , maintenance work will affect the mill rate and the life of the operation , then the process of how to use the correct maintenance and repair , give the following introduction :
1 , all the oil mill into continuous operation in a month should be all released , thoroughly washed , replaced with new oil . After rounding the combination of oil change once every 6 months .
2 , the wear of steel ball in a timely manner in accordance to add .
3, if found to be normal maintenance should immediately stop grinding .
On the mill ‘s maintenance of a regular work , maintenance work directly affects the rate and service life of ball mill operation . In order to eliminate hidden dangers to detect deficiency in order to ensure normal operation of its mill , in addition to routine maintenance , but also require regular stop grinding , ( recommended monthly ) on important components such as hollow shaft , main bearings, cylinder, gear , Size of the gear for serious examination , a detailed record . In accordance with the defect of the sub- priorities and arrangements for proper disposal repair and overhaul program .

4 , the lubrication points, lubrication and oil level checked at least every 4 hours .
5, large and small gears smoothly without abnormal noise . Necessary, adjust the gap in time .

6, mill liner is worn 70% or a 70mm long crack should be replaced .
7, liner bolts for damage caused by loose liner should be replaced .
8, mill operation , the main bearing lubricating oil temperature does not exceed 55 .
9, mill normal operation , the drive bearings and gearbox temperature does not exceed 55 , a maximum of 60 .

10, main bearing serious wear and tear should be replaced .
11, lattice -type ball mill Grate Plate Welding can no longer wear to be replaced .
12, large gear gear surface wear to a certain extent continue to use after turning it over .

13, ball mill running smoothly and without a strong vibration .
14, electrical current fluctuations should be no exception .
15, no loose fasteners each connected , combined with surface without leakage , the five tax evasion water , no leak of mine phenomenon .

16, severe wear of the pinion should be replaced .
17 , should be timely access to material wear spiral welding repair , welding repair can not be worn to replace .
18, anchor bolts loose or damaged should be repaired in time .

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