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What are the current projects that Unisteel Kuwait is working on in terms of steel production and expansion?

We are the first rolling mill in Kuwait started back in 2001. We have just acquired the second rolling mill in Kuwait and we are working on increasing its capacity from 250,000 mt to 500,000 mt. This revamp will be executed in stages, i.e., as we produce, and at a certain stage the mill will have to stop in order to finalize the revamp. We expect to complete this project within the first quarter of next year and the halt is estimated to last about one month to six weeks period. In addition to this rolling mill, our existing rolling mill capacity is at 700.000 mt per annum.

We also had a meltshop investment completed recently. We have just had the power switch on in the new mill last week. We will produce billets there. The annual capacity for billet production will be 1.2 million mt.

At the meltshop and billet casting, the power we should have is 120 megawatt. But the government has given us 90 megawatt for now. At this stage we will not be able to produce the whole 1.2 million mt. So for the initial 9-10 month period our production quantity will be at around 800.000 mt and after that we will have the full power and start producing at full capacity.


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