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The vibrating feeder is manufactured on the theory of vibration, which is widely used in mining, construction materials, silicate and chemical industry. It can provide ores and rocks within 500mm for the next working procedure.

Maintain and examine the machine frequently to prolong the service life of the machine, which is an important way to assure normal operation. The customers must notice this.

As to the lubrication, the following points should be pay attention to: Oil applied in this machine should be wartery. The lubricating oil should adapt to the local environment and temperature. Usually 20# is adopted. make sure the level of the oil in the vibrator is higher than the sign. Change the oil every 3-6 months. Clean the oil tank, bearing track and gear surface with gasoline or coal oil before changing.

Safe technology: the operator must be trained about safety technology; during operation, no person is allowed stand by the machine. No hand touching, adjusting and checking. the machine should touch the earth. The wire must be reliably insulate and wrapped in snakeskin bags. Check frequently whether the wire is abraded or creepage.

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