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Roller mills are industrial machines that are used to break down and process an assortment of ingredients and materials. Roller mills are used in a variety of industries.

Unlike traditional windmills and grain mills, which use large stones to grind and break down ingredients into powder, industrial roller mills function by crushing and grinding materials between two large rollers. The rollers compress the materials in the same way that a steamroller would, reducing the materials to pulp and powder.

Roller mills have a variety of uses in an assortment of industries. The mills have traditionally been used in agricultural industries, crushing grains to create various grades of flour. The construction industry also has put the vertical roller mill to good use, using the mills to crush gravel into smaller rocks and powder for paving and construction.

Apart from being able to grind the various materials faster than a traditional stone grinding mill, roller mills have the advantage of a larger surface area to apply to grinding. This larger surface area allows more material to be ground at once, which makes the process even faster.

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