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Metallurgical Assistive Device is our company’s product as well for instance: Steel ingots mould, Center runner, casting ingot plates, Slag pot and so on. The company could involve in businesses such as designing, manufacturing, processing, and servicing. The product materials include carbon steel, gray iron, and nodular cast iron.

Products specifications as follows:

  1. Size-varied electro slag ingot molds: Round Φ60mm-Φ450mm with length of 2000mm-4000mm; Semicircle: R80mm-R460mm with length of 2500mm-3000 mm; integrated ingot molds figure such as: Square, flattened, round, and plum-blossom ingot mold, Weight from 1 Ton to 45 Ton.
  2. Casting ingot plates with 4-12 runners.
  3. All varied specifications of center runner are available.

Slag pot
Slag pots are available with capacities of 30 – 1050 cubic feet. Finished weights range from 2.5 – 75 tons. Our facilities have the capability to cast pots in nearly every shape and style for a variety of mounting systems and methods of transport.

Our slag pots are utilized in many applications including BOFs, AODs, Electric Arc and Blast Furnaces, and nonferrous refineries for the melting of magnesium and copper nickel smelting.

Every slag pot we produce is designed and engineered to meet specific and critical custom specifications. Our expert engineering and casting technicians are committed to working with you to suggest modifications that reduce cost and extend pot life through improved efficiencies.

(Click here for the More Slag pot Images.)

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