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Round ingot mold

Designation Specification (mm)
Outside dimension Inside dimension Bottom hole weight(T) Ingot weight(T)
1.03T φ526×φ456×1725 φ336×φ290 φ92×φ108×105 1.3T 1.03T
1.5T φ640×φ590×2160 φ400×φ340 φ92×φ108×110 2.9T 1.5T
2.09T φ672×φ600×2125 φ430×φ380 φ92×φ108×110 2.7T 2.09T
2.88T φ734×φ658×2295 φ495×φ425 φ92×φ108×110 3.4T 2.88T
2.94T φ734×φ658×2295 φ495×φ435 φ92×φ108×110 3.5T 2.9T
4.05T φ922×φ840×1840 φ630×φ580 φ122×φ144×120 4.5T 4.05T
4.8T φ922×φ840×2295 φ620×φ560 φ122×φ144×120 5.3T 4.8T
16.5T φ1520×φ1450×2900 φ1000×φ935 φ122×φ144×160 20T 16T

Note: This specification is just reference; any changes are subject to the products.

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