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We have been working on the development and service of Metallurgical Industry for a long time, and successfully supplied products to customers home and abroad, such as:

  1. The equipment before iron making: for mining(shaft drilling machine, hoist), for mineral separating(large-sized crusher, large-sized ball mill), oxidized pellet kiln, HP roller mill, active lime turnkey project.

  3. Metallurgical equipment: for steel making(rotary furnace, mixer furnace). for continuous casting(billet caster, slab caster).

  5. Rolling equipment: for plate(medium-thickness plate roll, decoiler roll, Cold continuous roll, single-stand cold roll), for pipe(hot piercer, cold tube mill, cold-drawn tube mill), bar&wire roll, for finishing(leveler set, plate straightener, pipe & bar straightener, ect.)




  • Oxidized Pellet Kiln
    Provide oxidized pellet kiln for 1.2—5million t/y production line.

  • Bar Mill & Wire Mill
    We can accept the turnkey project of 150,000-800,000t/y bar mill and wire mill and supply complete equipment.

  • Plate Mill & Strip Mill
    Provide various size medium-thickness Plate mill. strip roll and decoiler mill. etc.

  • High·speed Cold Reduction Mill
    We have made more than 200 cold tube mills in LG family.

  • Tubing & Bar Straightener
    φ20-φ680 Tubing&Bar straightener can be provided.

Metallurgy Performance List

Read PDF File: MHM Metallurgy Performance List

  • Crusher performance
  • Mill performance
  • Mixer performance
  • Sintering machine performance
  • Sintering pallet
  • Roller performance
  • Air swept mill performance

Rolling Mill Housing
Ring Gear

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