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Advantages of Cone Crusher:
The device adopts new design and new crushing concept, can meet the different specifications crushing and also can meet the requirement of the new technology” more crushing, less grinding”, the cone crusher has large crushing ratio, even granularity,low consumption, no special requirement of the humidity, is suitable for crushing super hard material, and also suitable crushing ore.Cone Crusher has a good application prospect in mineral processing field.

And also the cone crusher have the features: large crushing quantity, high capacity, with the special design, low maintanance cost, high efficiency. Compared with conventional equipment, the cone crusher has such features:large crushing ratio,even granularity, low consumption,Cone Crusher can crush all kind of mining ore materials, is an ideal energy-saving ultra-fine crushing equipment.

Today China is the base of the heavy industry and equipment producing, the performance and the price have the competitive advantages. With the development of the world’s economic stimulus policy, now the infrastructure is the focus project. And also the mining equipment as the important part in the infrastructure construction, has a rapid development of export.Many new kinds of the crushers are widely used in roads,railways,bridges,etc, the cone crusher has become a hot product of the crushers.

MHMHD is ONLY a machining factory. But through its dominant position, he can provide world-wide, heavy industrial components for the metals, power generation, and shipbuilding. Steel. Mining and many other industries.

Max casting is a 600tons.forging is a 200tons.

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