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Mining Metal Detectors

Mining metal detectors are suitable solutions for mining applications. They can prevent damage to crushing machines, conveyor belts and other machinery in advance by detecting iron pieces contaminated in crushed stone and ores.

Digital metal detectors used for landmine detectors are also found. Usually, this process is done for humanitarian reasons or to enable military action. Mining metal detectors suitable for humanitarian application and military demining features detection head, telescopic handle and high impact polypropylene case.

Mining metal detectors are also able to remove non ferrous metal components that cannot be detected using magnetic separators. Some models work in an efficient manner for high-manganese steel. Most of the metal detectors for mining projects use steel plated and water resistant construction. Some come with M type search coil. This mono-frame coil reduces the need for coiling work at the installation place. Vibration resistance is another added advantage.

Some mining metal detectors combine a control unit and search coil into a single unit, resulting in a compact design. The installation procedures are simple and easy. For mechanical installation, four point attachments to the conveyor frame are essential. The electrical work consists of connecting only three cables, including the power cable.

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