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Including coal, Oil Natural gas, black ore, gold and other non-ferrous mining and non-extractive industries, including economic rebound has gradually made the world power. Correspondingly, the growth rate is significantly mining machinery. Benefit is most critical to heavy machinery industry, Car Industry and construction machinery industry .

Terms of the Chinese engineering machinery products, This is indeed embarrassing thing??? Mining machinery products on the high performance requirements. But, even if China’s mines, there are numerous medium and large in Excavator And other large equipment, it’s rare to see a brand of figure, not Thai foreign market.

Therefore, the field enhancement of product demand, the first benefit is an absolute advantage in technology in the international giants. But this does not mean that Chinese companies have no chance. Domestic Loader Bulldozers to mine the use of certain areas, which is almost Chinese engineering machinery enterprises rare advantage in this area product. These two types of products in China are of a technical mature products business is expected to benefit not unusual. However, these products do not have the price advantage, the number of measuring corporate success all dominant position.

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