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cement mill gear reducer
ZZ type planetary gear reducer

Since 2008, MHMHD has been manufacturing quality speed reducers and has built a reputation for engineering excellence with a commitment to quality, service, and technological innovation. We offer the broadest line of standard and modified worm gear speed reducers available to industry, as well as other standard and custom gear drive products.

The MHMHD name is recognized as a major supplier of speed reducers throughout many industries including:

  1. low-speed heavy-duty gears research
  2. medium-hard tooth profile gears
  3. each kind of type speed reducer
  4. complete equipment for mining
  5. complete equipment for cement
  6. complete equipment for hosting
  7. coal grinding equipment for power plant

complete equipment for  metallurgical  and  steel  rolling etc,mining machinery equipment and in the meantime concurrently camp casting and forging。

The full line of products manufactured by MHMHD includes:

gear reducer for cold drawing pipe machine
ZL type gear reducer
  • PH型减速器 PH type gear reducer
  • KPTH 型减速器KPTH type gear reducer
  • JPT 型减速器JPT type gear reducer
  • ZZ型行星齿轮减速器ZZ type planetary gear reducer
  • PBF型行星齿轮减速器PBF type planetary gear reduce
  • D型水泥磨减速器D type cement mill gear reducer
  • 3310型减速器3310 type gear reducer
  • ZD型减速器ZD type gear reducer
  • ZLR、ZHLR型减速器ZLR、ZHLR type gear reducer
  • ZG、ZHG型减速器ZG、ZHG type gear reducer
  • ZD、ZD2R、ZHD2R型减速器ZD、ZD2R、ZHD2R type gear reducer
  • KS50型减速器KS50 type gear reducer
  • ZDR型减速器ZDR type gear reducer
  • ZL型冷拔管机减速器ZL type gear reducer for cold drawing pipe machine
  • 人字齿轮机座The herringbone gearbox
  • TC型榨糖机减速器TC type gear reducer for cane mill
  • TB型榨糖机减速器TB type gear reducer for cane mill
  • TBSI型榨糖机减速器TBSI type gear reducer for cane mill
  • TBSI型榨糖机减速器TBSI type gear reducer for cane mill
  • ZL 115、ZL130型减速器ZL115、ZL130 type gear reducer
  • TF型榨糖机用分配箱 TF type power distribution gearbox for cane mill

All in a wide range of standard and custom engineered product offerings.




Gear machining capacity

MHMHD is the base of producing heavy–duty low–speed gears in China. Possessing  the first—rate gear machining equipment such as:

φ 12m Gear Cutting Machine(Maag,Swiss),

φ10m Hobbing Machine(Modul,Germany),

φ1.6m CNC Horizontal hobbing machine(Schiess,Germany),

φ5m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine(Niles,Germany),

φ4m CNC high Speed Hobbing Machine (Gleason-PFAUTER,Germany)andφ2.8m Profile Gear Grinding Machine(Gleason-PFAUTER,Germany)

We can provideφ12m. module 70. 100t in weight girth gear and the reducer with the flank hardness over HRC57,precision GB/T10095 Class5and transmission power 4500Kw.