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Mining is a common practice in Nigeria. Some states even have their development hinged on the mining of minerals buried underneath their lands. The problem with the activity in the country, however, is the inattention of the miners and the government to proper mining practices which makes life difficult for the people. Features Xtra, in this report, examines mining and its effects in Nigeria.

In Igun, Osun State, the people living in the community continue to live in hardship as they do not have access to potable water, their only source of clean, drinkable water has been contaminated by the activities of miners who came to mine for gold in their community. Apart from this, the people do not have good roads or electricity supply, it’s almost as if they are not a part of the country. According to reports, the foreign miners only succeeded in giving the community a few electricity poles without completing the electrification process. The miners have left the community now, but the telltale signs of their presence continue to stare the people in the face as the holes and tunnels dug by the miners and some of their equipment are still there.


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