Re-take the peak of the coal mining machinery industry mergers and acquisitions has been thrust

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Long time, China has accumulated extensive development of coal industry long-term conflict is more serious. According to experts, China Coal Industry Association, in the current phase out energy-intensive industries to increase efforts to actively promote energy saving situation, the general trend of coal demand growth down, the pressure of overcapacity has become increasingly evident. At present, various types of coal mining enterprises up to 11,200, corporate annual production capacity 30 million tons, the prevalence of industrial concentration is low, backward technology, low recovery of coal resources, resource waste and environmental pollution. Since the bulk of coal mining enterprises, small and other characteristics, which make production and management of resources is very complex and difficult circumstances in the regulation, the waste of coal resources, frequent occurrence of a large number. Some lack of supervision and management of coal mining enterprises, small low-quality coal resources of disdain, resulting in a serious waste of resources. Coal mining enterprises of the merger and reorganization is inevitable, mergers and acquisitions will help strengthen the industry, while more conducive to the rational exploitation and use of resources.
China Coal Industry Association, experts point out that market-oriented integration and restructuring of the coal enterprises, and boosting the core of large state-owned coal enterprises competitiveness, improve the overall quality of the coal industry, coal industry is conducive to strengthening macro-control, and enhance the state coal of control, the establishment of coal in primary energy in the foundation of the protection of the long-term stable supply of coal. And the current from Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shaanxi, Yunnan and other provinces of coal enterprises and metallurgy, mining, chemical, power, transportation companies running the joint effect of the reorganization of view, the advantage is very obvious, which is conducive to a more scientific and rational pattern of coal supply, production convergence required more coordination. Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology CO., LTD professional to build mining equipment, including: crushing machine, sand making machine, milling machine, mill, mobile crusher station, surface mines and other equipment, fully promote the development of the coal industry, mergers and acquisitions.
Experts point out that mergers and acquisitions will vigorously promote the coal mine Machinery to promote the production and use. Although the current coal mining enterprises in China in the south of mechanization level is relatively low, but generally speaking, mining machinery, large-scale mining equipment will be more widely used. Mining Machinery to enhance the level of technology and equipment, will promote the modernization of China’s coal mining enterprises to continuously improve, mergers and acquisitions, continue to strengthen production safety.
Re-take the peak of mining machinery, so that integration of coal resources in China is more market-oriented, rather than in the past, confined to the provinces. The coal is more conducive to greater development of enterprise mergers and reorganizations. This mining Machinery mining machinery for the integrated enterprise – Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. to create groups of high-quality milling equipment broken, so that the coal enterprises in the process of merger and reorganization of the market mechanism into full play the role, according to consolidate resources, and support compliance conditions of state-owned and private mergers and acquisitions to become the main coal mining enterprises.

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