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In early times when there were no computers in this world and all the works were performed with physical efforts of men has now turned this technology so advanced that rarely any kind of work is optimized without machines and computers. Different types of machines are used for different kinds of work. Business over this world is divided into so many sections serving for different purposes. So today we’ll discuss about the steel rolling mill machinery of India. With the advancement in technology people are inventing new things that are making their task easier and easier. Machines are one of those things. It has been categorized on the basis of their sizes, work type and costs. They are used for making steel, metal sheets etc.

Do you know what is metal and how it is made? Metal is an electropositive element which has shiny surface. It has good qualities and more efficiency. It is a good conductor of electricity and can be melted or fused in any shape by using high processed heating methods. We can make out of metal sheets by passing out them through the rollers en the machines are categorized under two categories. Hot rolling mill machinery & cold rolling mill machinery process carried out through steel rolling mill machinery. You may or may mot know that each and every metal has its own recrystallization temperature.

If the temperature of the metal is above its recrystalization temperature then it is termed under hot rolling mill machinery process and if the temperature of the metal is below the recrystalization temperature of the metal then the process is called as cold steel rolling mill machinery. With the help of these processes we are able to make sheets, plates and foils out of these. Sheets from the metal are used for construction, transport and aerospace. These sheets are used as well for airliner components. It is genuinely known that the plate form is more efficiently used than the sheet form as it is thinner than it but still both are used for same applications. Plate form of steels is commonly used for auto motive industry and foil form is thin so more flexible and used for packaging. It is also used for foil stamping. Besides this it has a wide use over the electronic sectors of industry for shielding. Moreover machinery of India has proved its worth over mechanical industry also. The unit that uses the steel rolling mill machinery is known as steel rolling mill plants. Some of the items like I-beams, hot strips, steel rods, plates and h-beams are generally used in steel rolling mill plants.

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