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Tricyclic reducer is an advanced mechanical transmission, it can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, rubber and plastics, engineering, lifting transport, light industry, and many other fields, the general alternative planetary gear reducer, acupuncture cycloid gear reducer, multi-cylinder gear reducer and the use of worm reducer, etc..

Tricyclic reducer characteristics:
1, bearing ability, and long service life ,9-18 on teeth into the mating area at the same time, overload can withstand 2.7 times the output torque of 469 KN.m.
2, transmission ratio, grade-intensive, single-stage 7.5-99, up to 11,000 double-differential of about 1.1 times.
3, smooth operation, less than 78 dB noise, vibration amplitude is less than 0.025 MM.
4, high efficiency, single-stage to 92-96%.
5, compact structure, small size, light weight, than ordinary cylindrical gear reducer small 2 / 3.
6, Assembly and Disassembly and easy maintenance, parallel shaft vulnerability of small, easily replaced without special materials and heat treatment.

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