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The cold rolling mill will decrease the thickness of the metal sheet while increasing its strength and hardness. There are four main types of cold rolling processes and they are as follows:

Full Hard cold rolling machine will be used for very specific industry applications, it’s finished metal that has been through the will only be able to be bent to a 45-degree angle.

Half Hard process seamless pipe will be used in multiple industries, from the automotive to construction industry, it is rolled into pipes that can be bent to a maximum of 90 degrees.

With the Quarter Hard cold roll assembly process finished metal can be bent or rolled without causing any fractures or cracks.

The skin rolling process will result in a smooth metal sheet that is more ductile than the other processes. This cold rolling mill metal process is used to reduce the thickness of a metal by 0.5 to 1 percent.

There are many applications for metal that has been finished with the cold rolling process.

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